Slavery source assessment

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Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

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of the Modern Slavery ActIRC has sought to strengthen due diligence, assessment of risk and effectiveness, and training on the prevention of modern slavery, in conjunction with IRC’s efforts to prevent human trafficking and Policy applies to all IRC offices, staff and program activities worldwide regardless of the source of program.

Bakkavor // 2 Modern Slavery Statement We outline below our position on slavery and human trafficking. We review our approach on a regular basis and seek to continually improve through ongoing risk assessment, raising awareness of issues.

This is the annual Modern Slavery Statement for BBC Studios for the financial year ended March 31 stcovering activities carried out by the division of the company that formerly operated under the name of BBC Worldwide Ltd. (For an explanation of the relationship between BBC Worldwide Ltd and BBC Studios, see the next section).

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What: A study of the slave trade from its origins in Africa through to abolition in Highlight: Slavery on Trial: A fully resourced mock trial outline. Roles and activities for each student in the class. Investigation: Was Abraham Lincoln Really the Great Emancipator?

Suitable for students aged Assessment included. 50 page PDF download. KS3 Assessment considering causes of abolition of slavery. Includes level descriptors and sentence starters for less able/EAL students.

Source Utility Assessment: Slave Trade Slavery source assessment
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Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template