Hooking up 2 amplifiers

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Best Rated in Subwoofer Amplifiers

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Below is a table showing how to wire up two speakers in parallel and series for common scenarios. Keep in mind these diagrams are for one amp only (let’s say the left amp), you will need to duplicate this for the right amp also.

you cannot hook up 2 amps together so please do not connect speaker wires from 2 amps to one sub. this could and would be a disaster! the only thing you can do is hook rcas from one amp to another if the amp has rca outputs on it. hill saide strangla: posted on thursday, june 19, - gmt. Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams One of the most common questions in the car audio field is usually “How do I wire up my subwoofers to my amplifier?” This is not easy to explain because there are so many options and variables to consider when making the purchase and wiring up your sound system.

View and Download TDM-Audio 24CX-2 owner's manual online. ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER. 24CX-2 Crossover pdf manual download. Also for: 24cx-3, 24cx Dec 26,  · If the receiver has hook-ups for 2 sets of speakers, it ain't gonna hurt it if you hook up 2 pairs as intended.

With 2 different brands of speakers it may give you a little different sound coming through each pair. Feb 28,  · An amp that is rated at w RMS (Root Mean Square, or the average watt the speaker is intended to receive and play with) set for 1 ohm can power two 2-ohm subs rated at w RMS.

How do you wire 2 amps together ?

That same amp can power four 4ohm subs and so forth%(17).

Hooking up 2 amplifiers
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