Different cultural in kfc


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Transnational Differences and Cultural Influences

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Cultural Differences - KFC

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Jul 19,  · Cultural Differences In a quest for some "American Food" we ended up at KFC, which is the most popular American Chain in Sri Lanka.

It was dirty and the ceiling was turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.comon: 3 Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka. Two cultures proactively crashed, connected, and assimilated. KFC and McDonald's use the localization strategy to re-express American business culture, with profound traditional Chinese cultural emblems, catering to local customs on the basis of standardized management.

The investigation will be shown how the different cultures can make the problem when the company has to do the business in the overseas or do business across cultures.

9 ways KFC is completely different in other countries

We choose KFC Company as the case study because KFC Company is the worldwide company that has many branches around the world. We choose KFC branches from UK, Thailand, China, and Japan that will tell each culture from these example countries.

The investigation will be shown how the different cultures can make the problem when the company has to do the business in the overseas or do business across cultures.

We choose KFC Company as the case study because KFC Company is the worldwide company that has many. The other strategy, localization, focuses on cultural and national uniqueness and therefore, the company will adapt itself to the different region (Starvish 1).

KFC and Pizza Hut, two American based fast food chains, have chosen the latter route, and have made an enormous impact on the Chinese.

9 ways KFC is completely different in other countries

KFC’s general manager of new African markets, Bruce Layzell, however, believes one cannot take a blanket approach to doing business on the continent. He says companies need to understand the complexities of each country in Africa.

Different cultural in kfc
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KFC and McDonald's — a model of blended culture