British invasion of india

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Colonial India

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British Empire Gallery 1 Case Study 3 Background Information; this case study considers why the British became empire builders in India. Today, British versions of Indian history have been rejected as a ploy for establishing the Indian colony (a famous example is the debunked Aryan invasion theory).

British Invasion in India

On the contrary, it was the British who united India under a single 'religion'. Likewise, the British continued developing India's infrastructure with more railroads and telegraph lines, so that by India had the longest railroad in Asia.

British administration and bureaucracy were efficient, as was the British style education system Britain established. A United India: Many think that it was British who brought all tiny provinces, which were in existence before their invasion, come together to form a strong united country India to fight them.

But there is a counterpoint to it where Maratha's were on the rise and they were waging a war on all the princely states either to surrender or fight them.

Feb 07,  · Best Answer: The first British outpost in South Asia was established in at Surat (in the State of Gujarat, India) on the northwestern coast. Later in the century, the East India Company opened permanent trading stations at Madras, Bombay (Mumbai), and Calcutta (Kolkatta), each under the protection of Status: Resolved.

British invasion of india
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